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Professor Robert G. Bednarik

Robert G. Bednarik (born 6 April 1944 in Vienna) is an Australian prehistorian and cognitive archeologist.

Robert Bednarik moved from Austria to Australia in 1966. Bednarik, who considers himself an autodidact, is an expert in the fields of rock art and paleolithic portable art. He conducts experimental archeology and edits four scientific journals.

Professor Bednarik has published more than 1450 scientific articles since 1965. He is professor at the International Centre of Rock Art Dating (ICRAD) at the Hebei Normal University in Shijiazhuang (China).

Bednarik's principal research interest is the origins of the human ability to create constructs of reality; consequently, his research focuses on the origins of art, language, and the development of hominid technology.

The Editorial Board of Rock Art Research:

Professor Liam M. Brady (Australia),

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Dr Jean Clottes (France),

Professor Hipólito Collado Giraldo (Spain),

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Professor Paul Faulstich (U.S.A.),

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Professor Claire Smith (Australia),

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