Rock Art Research

Author Guidelines


Manuscripts of major research papers should preferably be from 3000 to 8000 words. Longer articles will be considered on the basis of merit. The preferred method of submitting initial drafts is in the form of PDF documents, with low-resolution images and tables placed in the text. Final submissions should comprise a single text file containing image captions, tables, acknowledgments, author(s) contact details and the bibliography on a CD/DVD disk, or sent electronically. The content of the paper should be outlined by four to six keywords placed above the title. The manuscript must include an abstract of 50 to 100 words, summarising the article. Major papers will be comprehensively refereed. Brief reports must be less than 2000 words long.

Spelling and punctuation in this journal follow the Style manual for authors, editors and printers of Australian government publications (3rd edn) and the Macquarie dictionary; where the two disagree the former has precedence. Footnotes should not be used. 

If line drawings are included they must be larger than the intended published size (preferably by a factor of 1.5 to 2) and line thicknesses, stippling, lettering sizes etc. must be selected accordingly. Photographs should be colour gloss prints of high contrast. If submitted electronically they must initially be submitted in JPEG format, but final accepted versions must be at least 300 dpi of TIFF or better format. Photographs of rock art that were obtained by physical enhancement or other interference will be categorically rejected, except for the purpose of critical discussion. Preference is given to images featuring the IFRAO Standard Scale to facilitate recalibration. In regions where traditional indigenous rock art custodians exist, their approval must be obtained before submission of material relating to their culture, and where copyright applies the author must obtain the appropriate consent. Captions are required for all illustrative material, together with an indication in the text as to where they, and any tables or schedules, are to be placed.

Announcements intended for a specific issue of this journal should be available at least five months before the month of intended publication. Text proofs are issued of all articles and must be returned promptly after correction by the author(s). Each author receives a free personal PDF of his or her article.